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To be unlimited is to be connected to your most vibrant, energetic self.

This series removes stagnant energy from the body, mind, and spirit by blending the intensity of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with the alignment and precision of Iyengar yoga. Each class is a delicate balance of yoga from the past and present, infusing modern sequences with classical hatha yoga postures and pranayama breathing techniques. This combination of postures and breath work has a profound effect to ground one’s spirit in the physical body. Through this grounded awareness we exponentially increase our energy and our potential to love and serve humanity.

The five 50-60 minute classes are intended to challenge you, regardless of your physical background or experience. And with each difficult moment I will encourage you to breathe, focus, and to do your best. Take breaks as needed in the beginning, and overtime you will be able to get through the classes with ease.