Backbending and Pranayama

For Jared's Birthday

August 4, 2018, 2:00 – 4:00pm

$40 in advance
$50 day of

Celebrate Jared’s birthday with a powerful 2-hour Backbending + Pranayama Workshop. This workshop focuses on backbending techniques designed to heal, open, and strengthen your entire spine paired with pranayama that will help in opening the front side body. Jared has developed a special sequence of postures which allows students to better understand and open their spines and gain awareness of their breath throughout the practice.

The workshop begins with a strong vinyasa sequence that includes abdominal exercises, standing postures, and inversions. After the warm up, we will flow into basic backbending postures with an interactive lecture focusing on alignment. The lecture will focus on the lower, middle, upper, and neck spine. Jared will teach students to use all aspects of their spine so that students feel confident and safe in their backbending practice. The workshop ends with exercises that unwind the spine, savasana, and meditation.

Backbending is a healing practice. The compression of vertebral discs brings blood and nutrients to the spine, and allows practitioners to keep their spine healthy as they age. Backbending stimulates the nervous system and opens the front of the body, generating energy and emotional awareness. This workshop is designed for all levels. Beginners are welcome!

Synergy Partner Yoga With Thai Massage

With Francisco Morales-Bermudez

August 18, 2018, 3:00 – 5:30pm

$40 in advance
$49 day of

Synergy Partner Yoga is a healing art form that fine tunes and strengthens the human body and spirit through playfulness, thai massage, dynamic body conditioning, and therapeutic partner yoga. Synergy draws from many traditional healing modalities and art forms- from traditional Thai massage, yoga, martial arts, clown, and ancient meditation practices.

The intention of this practice is to bring the body & soul into union and wellness through various exercises and techniques.

The main elements of Synergy Partner Yoga are trust, connection, playfulness, healing, and community.

Gokul Yoga Weekend

With Jani Jaatinen, aka Gokulacandra

October 27 – 28, 2018

$49 single workshop
$176 full weekend
$166 early bird before week of
Saturday 12-2pm

Understand the uddiyana bandha (“abdominal lock”) in relation to our hips, and explore awareness and activation of the psoas muscle.

Saturday 3-5pm
Learn about the pelvic floor and its important stabilizing function, which helps to control the forward and backward movements of the sacrum.

Sunday 12-2pm
Through a deeper understanding of the foundational alignment principles, core and internal muscular line activation, bandhas, and the principles of weight transfer, you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your practice and rectify old habits to stabilize your arm balance practice.

Sunday 3-5pm
Find the strength and stability of our core muscles and examine its relationship to the bandhas.

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